500+ Educational Twitter Hashtags

I was chatting with Jenn Regier about using Twitter hashtags and I decided to search Google to see what was out there for educators. I came across this list on Edudemic – and as mentioned in the article there is no shortage of hashtags for educators! As well, there’s a useful live Google Doc available to the public created and shared by November Learning, and a searchable Educational Hashtag Index from Chiew Pang (@aClilToClimb).

Curious about how to get involved in a Twitter chat but don’t know where to start? Check out the Official Twitter Education Chat Schedule by @cybraryman1

Here is a small sampling of some Educational Twitter Hashtags:


global education discussions. See here.
#edchatIE specially for Irish educators. See here.
#edchatSA chat for the South African education community. See here.
#edtech technology for educational purposes
#edtools Why another? Obsolete. Use #edtech
#edutech obsolete. Why use an extra character? Use #edtech
#education better to use #edu, but it’s really too general.
#edupunk resources for DIY approach to technology in education
#elearn I’d suggest using this rather than the longer #elearning
#elemchat platform for elementary/primary school educators. See here.
#elf English as a lingua franca, but I’m afraid you’ll get lots of other non-related stuff
#ell English language learning
#ellchat English language learning chat platform. See here.
#elt English language teachers/teaching
#eltchat English language teaching discussions. See here.
#eltpics Images by teachers for teachers. Licensed under Creative Commons. See here.
#efl English as a foreign language
#engchat for English teachers. See here.

To explore some of the collections of educational hashtags further, please use the links in the above paragraph.


Last updated: October 2015

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