Live Tracking Feed Gets Students Excited!

I just put a live tracking feed widget on my class blog. The kids noticed it immediately and are really excited about it. They are amazed that other people are going to our blog. The students want to keep track of our visitors on a map in the class and are already wondering how we can make contact with them. This addition to our blog has helped my students realize that our blog is open to the world and that people want to know what we have to say. They were all excited to get back to our blog after they discovered this tracking feature. I hope that this is just the beginning of us making connections with other people outside of our classroom!

4 thoughts on “Live Tracking Feed Gets Students Excited!”

  1. This week my class passed 4000 page views, and we got our first view from Australia. They love this widget… even more than the pet widget we’ve added. I am a little intimidated though. I only added the counter a month and a half ago, and we have thousands of views? Numbers like this are an eyeopener for me too. Enjoy the excitement (and hopefully quality writing) that your new counter generates!


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