As a year two participant and lead in the project, I believe that my biggest reflection and aha moment for me so far has been about the design of our professional meetings.  As an educator, my knee-jerk reaction is to plan, plan and plan.  Plan the agenda, plan how much time everything takes, and even planning or predicting what questions people will ask so I have my answer planned!  Today, we have been flexible with our agenda…and as a result, I believe that we are meeting the needs of the group. Allowing for this flexibility has given members time to generate conversation, build relationships and engage in meaningful ways for them.   This practice has me thinking about how I can transfer these same practices into my own classroom so that students are able to fully shift into the inquiry stance and map their own course of learning that works best for them. I want students to create meaningful posts and generate meaningful comments to others so that real, meaningful conversations are being captured and that students are learning from each other.

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