Pumpkin Investigation

Yesterday, Mr. Weber, Mrs. Rush and the Busy Bees carved pumpkins, and we investigated about pumpkins. We started by measuring our pumpkins. We measured how big, how wide, how round and how much it weighed. One of our classmates, Cohen, weighs 42 pounds and the biggest pumpkin weighed half the size of Cohen. We made a graph to show the results of our pumpkin comparisons.

Then, we carved the pumpkins. There was goop in the pumpkins and there were pumpkin seeds that we collected from the goop. The insides of the pumpkins were different. One even had green insides and funny looking seeds. Ms. King told us there was one that wasn’t really a pumpkin. It was a gourd that looked like a pumpkin. We drew lines on the pumpkins for the face of the jackolantern. Then Mr. Weber and Mrs. Rush cut them out. We have 5 jackolanterns in our class. Ms. King says we are going to roast the seeds we gathered, and eat them at our Halloween party.

  yummy pumpkin seedsIMG_3973IMG_3974pumpkin fun in 1 2 classcleaned out pumpkinIMG_3976IMG_3977IMG_3978IMG_3985_editedIMG_3975

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Investigation”

    1. Thank you for helping us. We had lots of fun doing it with you. Please write to us again on our blog. We really like it when you do.


    1. Oh no, we didn’t count them. We forgot to count them, but we roasted them and ate them on Halloween. We think pumpkins have different numbers of seeds. We did look it up and found that they don’t have the same number of seeds. The information said that the big pumpkins had more seeds than the little ones. Thanks for asking that question. Do you have any pumpkins at your house?


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