Removing a Student From Your Class

I wanted to have one student in my class to have different privacy settings than the rest of my class. The only was I could do this was by removing him from my class. Once he was removed, I was not able to administrate it in the same way as the other student blogs. I contacted Edublogs with his URL and username and they added me as an administrator to his site which gave me full access to change and edit anything.

I was asked to decide which user role to grant him.

Here is an overview of the user roles:

If he is set as an author, that will work okay for post moderation, but he won’t have access to change the theme, plugins, etc. that the other students will (who are attached to your My Class). You can also be co-administrators with the student (which won’t restrict his posting access) but can let you keep an eye on the blog.

By removing this student, I am able to keep the password on his blog as his parents requested and open up the rest of my student blogs.

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