My Professional Learning Plan:

Professionally speaking, I’d like to refamiliarize myself with the whole blogging practice.  In addition, I’d like to integrate the various apps we’re using in my room into our blog posts throughout the year.

My Plan For Student Learning:

In terms of my students, I’d like them to develop their own tech. “workflow” and organizational system.  They’re well aquiainted with mine, as I model my “process” quite regularly.  I’d like them to use mine as a springboard for developing their own efficient process.

Making The Classroom Visible:

The blogging platform is a great way to make what goes on in our classroom visible to parents and the world at large.  I’m a bit uneasy with the entire world having access to my classroom, but I’m open to the idea.  I do like the idea of transparency, as long as making it happen is (eventually) more efficient that what I’ve done in the past.

My Plan For Sharing:

Each time we meet here at thr LRC, I will share what I can about various apps and my success/learning around integrating the blogging project into my 5/6 classroom.

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