Who is learning more? Me or my students?

Have a teaching partner who has much experience & initiative , as well as being part of this learning community, has provided an expedited process of understanding, learning and growth. The intimidation factor has been reduced and the excitement to incorporate the learning is far more rewarding.

After hearing George Couros speak, left any worries about leaving a digital footprint, prepared me to begin the discussion of the benefits of a digital portfolio for my students, as well as myself. The learning curve may be steep, but I find the value and need to be a role model for students that we all have to start somewhere.

If we (students and teachers) post more of what we do in our classroom, on our classroom/student blog, then the students will be excited to share with their families about what we are doing, making our learning more visible and open. This is one more ‘tool’ to provide access to what we are doing in our class for open communication of our learning community.

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