Halloween Events

So much excitement in the Grade 1/2 class!! This Friday is Halloween!

Here is our day’s reminders:

~ Welcome to come dressed in orange & black OR a costume

~ We will participate in a video conference about Bats!!!

~ There is a dance (click on this link) during the afternoon – please send a non-perishable food item as ‘admission’ to the dance. There is also some items for sale. All information is on the poster Halloween Dance

~ As the end of the day, we will be as watching ‘Spookley the Square Pumpkin’ which talks about accepting differences, which relates nicely to our cultivating character goals, as well as understanding different culturally traditions and celebrations.

Of course, we will be enjoying some treats. If there is something you would like to send in for the class ‘party’, please feel free to do so.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Events”

  1. Hello Bee Buddies! We are getting ready for Halloween at our school. I hope you blog about your Bat videoconference. We have not done that yet. We just found where the camera was hiding at our school, and we just unpacked it yesterday! What do you like about videoconferencing? Tell me some things you’ve learned because of your virtual field trips.


  2. Hi Ms. Versteeg,
    Thank you for writing to us. We are getting ready for Halloween. We are having a party this Friday! (Ginger) Are you having a party?
    What We Like About Video Conferencing
    1. So far I like that we get to learn new things and they are fun. (Ginger)
    2. We like it because it is fun that you can see people on the computer. (Erica)
    3. It’s fun seeing other people in different parts of the world. (Rachel)
    4. I like to meet new people. (Brian)
    5. New people are nice. (Wyatt)
    6. I like that I can learn new things/ (Ryan)

    We were wondering if you would like to join us for our video conference tomorrow? Mrs. Cassell can send you the information you need. Let us know soon!

    We have a question for you?
    Are you going to meet you new in different parts of the world like us? Are you going to video conference too?

    Your Friends,
    Mrs. Cassell, Ms. King and the Busy Bees


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