11 thoughts on “Fire Department Visit

  1. Northwoods Grade 3

    Thank you for sharing your video. We liked it at the end when you all hugged each other. We loved to see you showing kindness. Where is your school?


      1. Northwoods Grade 3

        Our school is just outside of Ethel. Ethel is a very small town with a fire station. We THINK it has 4 fire trucks. We also have a park with a baseball diamond. What does Crediton have?


    1. Ms King

      We learned how to climb out the window and down a ladder. We learned to not be scared of the firefighters when there is smoke in the house. Before you go out your door, you feel the door with the back of your hand. If it’s hot, there is a fire behind it. If there is smoke on top of the ceiling, then you would have to get on your floor because the floor is the coolest spot to be on. We learned so much more…


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