Changing Privacy Settings for Individual Students

I have been asked by a few teachers how to change the privacy settings on individual student blogs. Here are the 2 options:

Changing Privacy for More Than One Student

If you have more than one student blog from a class that needs a different privacy option, then the more common choice is to set up another class blog just to manage their blogs so that you can still manage them via My Class and read them via the reader –

If this is the case, please send me an email and I will create another class blog for you.

Changing Privacy for One Student

If it is just one student blog then you remove it from My Class by selecting the blog in My Class > Student Blogs, select Remove from Class in the Choose action drop down menu, then click Apply. Once the blog has been removed from your class, please contact me with your student’s blog URL.  I will then add you to the student’s blog as an administrator, and you will have full access and control over the student’s blog and its privacy settings.


Leigh Cassell

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