Dear Families,

There are many benefits of completing homework, however at no time do we want your child or family to feel overwhelmed. At this age, it is all about enjoyment and engagement in learning. Although we provide the necessary time for your child to complete activities in class, there are certain skills that require additional practice at home.

In Grade 1, students should be completing approximately 10 minutes of homework per night. In Grade 2, it would be the equivalent to 20 minutes per night. However, some nights there may be no time spent on homework, while other nights it might take a little bit longer.

Our wish for you is that you and your family find a balance between your lifestyle at home, and the amount of homework your child completes at night. Our expectation is that homework activities like reading are completed every night, or as many nights as possible. While other nights, there may be spelling, word cards, a math sheet or a science activity to finish up as well. We try to be flexible and provide lots of notice. We realize life outside of the classroom is super busy and not all learning happens within the classroom. Please continue to work towards a balance.

On reflection Ms. King and I will continue to make adjustments to our programming, to help you are find the balance you need. Thank you for taking the time to support your child at home. Your efforts do not go unnoticed!

Take care & please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Ms. King and Mrs. Cassell

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