Read to Someone

photo 1This week we have been practicing how to read to someone. Why? First, it is fun. Second, it helps us learn how be better readers. We like having a friend as a coach to help us when we get stuck on a word, or when we need help remembering what happened in the story.

After we choose our books we get our bookmarks that have instructions about how to be a good coach, and how to help each other figure out words we don’t know. Here are some pictures of use reading to each other!


photo 5 photo 4 photo 3

2 thoughts on “Read to Someone”

  1. Dear Rob and Felicia,

    It is nice that you wrote to us on our blog. When we don’t know a word, we help our partners by coaching them. Here are some of the strategies we can try:
    1. Try the first sound
    2. Chunk the ending letters together
    3. Find little words in big words

    Those are the first 3 strategies we try. There are others too! They are on our Reading Strategy Bookmarks.

    Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees


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