Math is hard with ipads

Firstly, this is my very first blog post and I am delighted to be ‘connected’ –  thank you team!

I was recently introduced to MrsWideen’s website by one of my colleagues and was struck by the title of one of her entries;  given the fact that MrsWideen’s website is filled with amazing content and resources which support technology tools in her classroom: “Math is harder when using the ipad”.  Have a look – I was interestingly surprised at the end of the read.

2 thoughts on “Math is hard with ipads”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Kerry (Grade 3) and I (Grade 2) did almost exactly the same thing on Friday. Unlike the article, I didn’t feel like it took any more time than other lessons do, but I agree that it does feel different to teach like this!


  2. I can see how it would take longer and the student has to give more thought to questions using an app like Explain Everything. I also liked to use my iPads for more “worksheet type” material. Apps like Extra Math and Front Row can provide that remedial math practice without the worksheet.


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