How’s it going?

How’s it going?

If the rest of you are as excited and busy as Kerry and I are at Eastdale, the answer is “Fantastic, but  in an overwhelming way”.  Even as a second-year member, I feel intimidated by the scope of what we are doing.  I have had time to browse our ning this weekend, and I think I’m addicted.  What a fantastic resource.  I confess I’ve strayed from the groups that focus on our iPad project, and I’ve been enjoying learning more about inquiry too.  One of the best articles I’ve stumbled upon so far is this one: Web Tools To Support Ipad Learning If you scroll down you’ll see a pretty comprehensive list of, well, web tools to support iPad learning .  My class and I have become fans of Padlet since I introduced it the day after our first session, and I’m hoping some of these links will be just as successful.

I also read the edublogger, and I’ll end with this graphic from one of their recent shares. Technology is indeed transforming my classroom!


3 thoughts on “How’s it going?”

  1. Thanks for the share Becky! The link you posted with “Web Tools to Support iPad Learning” is loaded with webinars (new and archived) ranging in topics. Some of the topics include inquiry, digital literacy, social networking and designing learning environments. This is a great resource Becky – thanks again. So when would you fit in this “extra” PD? Webinars are great to listen to on your drive to and from school!


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