GAFE Permission Form

I have had a few questions with regards to the GAFE permission form. Here are the questions and answers:


1.  Do I have to send home the GAFE permission form even if I don’t intend to use GAFE?

Yes – since all students were set-up with a Google Ed Account in order to create their blogs the permission form needs to go home. Feel free to send home a little note explaining that your students will not be using GAFE but a Google Ed Account had to be created in order to create their blogs.

*You may want to consider getting permission for your students to use Drive since this can be a valuable educational tool for storing files and collaborating on Docs and Presentations.

2. What should I do if I only want my students to use Drive and not all of the other GAFE?

On my permission form I added check boxes in front of each GAFE. I checked the box next to Drive since that will be the only GAFE I will be using this year.

GAFE Permission Form_2014

If you have any other questions about the GAFE Permission Form please reply to this post!

Leigh Cassell


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