Starting Fresh – archiving/hiding posts from last year

I wanted to start this year off fresh and not have last year’s posts visible on my blog.  I emailed Edublog’s help service and received this message:

“The easiest way to archive posts that you want to keep is to change their status back to Draft.

Otherwise, you can export your posts into an XML file for safe keeping. (Steps 1-3 here explain how to export:  After exporting you can delete them. Just FYI, all blogs can export but only Pro blogs can import on Edublogs. You can, however, upload that file to most other blog platforms if you wanted to use a second blog as an archive blog. Some people prefer having another archive blog rather than just having the file on their computer.

 Or, if you don’t want them at all, you can just deleted them from the blog.”

 So, I was able to select all my old posts and change them to draft in one move.  They are there if I need them again, but not visible to this years group.


One thought on “Starting Fresh – archiving/hiding posts from last year”

  1. Thanks Jen! I’m sure others will find that useful. An alternative would be to select how many posts you want showing on your blog if you want to keep all of that content available. I have limited the number of posts showing to 5. Now that we have 5 new posts on our blog all of my old posts are automatically archived. So unless a parent (or other visitor) clicks on the Archive widget they won’t see posts from last year. I want my posts from last year to be available for others as they are a record of learning (my learning and my students) in Cassell’s Class. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

    Leigh Cassell


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