Reading is Thinking

Today we took turns talking about our thinking while Mrs. Cassell read a chapter from Charlotte’s Web. Did you know that reading the words on the page is just one part of reading? You also have to think while you read. Sometimes you ask questions and sometimes you guess what will happen next. Mrs. Cassell showed us fake reading. Fake reading is when you figure out all the words but don’t understand what you read. Sometimes we fake read too. We have agreed to do our best and think when we read!

We are going to see the play Charlotte’s Web in October!



Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees

2 thoughts on “Reading is Thinking”

  1. We have been talking about thinking while we read too! We have a special sticky note that we can put on a text as we read. When we think about something, we put our sticky on that page. Then when we are done reading we can share our thinking with the class. We can post a picture of our sticky on our class blog to show you how we use it. Our class blog is called 2/3 Tiger Talk. You will find it at .


    1. Dear Mrs. Rempel and Grade 2/3 Tigers,
      Thank you for writing to us on our blog!
      We are going to check out your blog right now.

      Mrs. Cassell, Ms. King, and the Busy Bees


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