AMDSB Blog Permission Forms

It has come to my attention that the AMDSB is working on a permission form specifically for Student Blogging. Please wait to hear from me before sending any form of consent letter home. I will post the new form on our Collaborative Blog as soon as it is available. For those teachers new to our project group, we will discuss AP’s and permission forms during our first meeting.

Leigh Cassell

One thought on “AMDSB Blog Permission Forms”

  1. Oops! I’ve sent and collected mine already (using the same format as last year). I think I’ll be okay since won’t set the kids up with their own blog until we start our meetings, and I’ll just need to send home another paper then. (my technology note covered everything from accessing the blog to permission for pictures of photos and student work)
    By the way, I’m having iPad case envy. The new teacher at my school got purple!


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