Stephen TigerWelcome back for another exciting year at Stephen Central PS! Ms. King and I will be your teachers and we can’t wait to learn more about you. Mrs. Cassell (that’s me!) will be teaching you Literacy and Social Studies in the morning, and Ms. King will be teaching you Math, Science, and Art in the afternoon. And now that Ms. Peck is back at Stephen Central after having her baby, she will be teaching you Gym, Drama, and Dance.



Today we will read stories, laugh, write, play, and learn about TRIBES. It’s going to be awesome 🙂

Did any of you notice that we have a strange looking cart in our classroom? Do you know what is inside that cart?

Inside of that cart is set of iPads for us to use this year. We will talk more about the iPads and how we will use them to help us learn later today!

Did you know that you are reading this writing on the internet? Do you know what this kind of website is called?

Ms. King and I are writing to you on our class blog. Our blog is a place where we will share our learning with others, and collaborate (that means to work together) with people living all over the world. We are Busy Bees in Grade 1/2 and we are going to have to have so much fun!


Mrs. Cassell and Ms. King 🙂

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