Year End Process of Transferring Blogs Update

We received answers to our questions about transferring student blogs at year end. However, Jenn and I have talked about it and in our opinion the best course of action is to wait until September next year before making any decisions about the future our your student blogs. Below is what Edublogs recommended:

1.  Leave all blogs attached to My Class until the start of the new school year.

This is what we recommend. Once you know in September whether your students will be blogging next year, you can make an informed decision about what to do with their blogs and then offer their parents the option to take them over.

2.  Change the settings in My Class > Settings to moderate All posts and all Comments. This will prevent students being able to publish posts and comments. You could add a post to the class blog explaining they can’t publish posts and comments over the holiday (so they are aware).

We will be posting this message on our blogs (and/or in a letter home) so students and parents are aware of the changes over the summer break.

3.  If you want to change the URL, students have to create a new blog and export their content to the new blog using Tools > Export and Tools > Import.

We don’t recommend choosing this option until September when you know whether or not your students will be blogging. If students are not blogging next year, and parents wish to take them over, the URL can be changed. This means that the parents/students have to create a new blog, and they will no longer have a Campus Edition membership. Many of the features they use will no longer be available to them.

Ultimately the decision is yours, but we strongly recommend waiting until September before making any decisions about your student blogs next year.

Leigh Cassell and Jenn Regier

2 thoughts on “Year End Process of Transferring Blogs Update”

  1. I don’t think waiting until September is going to help me out. Is there a way to give them their URL so they go to their blog but not have it active anymore?


  2. Unfortunately no. The only option is for you to change each student’s settings so that you have to approve every post and comment. That is the only way to ensure they can’t post or comment, however their blog will still be active.
    Hope that helps,


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