End of the year IPad questions from Mrs. Peters Class

1. Mobility-we used our IPads on the carpets so that if they got dropped they won’t smash!   We would like to take the I pads outside if we had better cases.


2. Gaming- We used educational games like tangram, math academy, stack the countries, math bingo, fractions, math champions, grade 4 math and eat smart.  We used pebble go to read.


3.Classes-we used our IPads in math after we completed our work.  In Language we used book magic and pebble go to read and write.  In all subjects we used explain everything, the internet and pic collage and IMovie.  We used them in every subject but gym!!


4. Email-we did not email anyone but. Mrs. Peters


5. Engagement-we used Kidblog to blog our work and show our parents, we used pic collage, I movie and explain everything in all subjects.  We used iBooks for EQAO.


6.screen time


7. Personalization


8.Creation vs. consumption

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