8 End of Year iPad Questions for Mrs. Cassell’s Grade 2 Students

My Grade 2’s have answered these questions below.

1. Mobility: We only used them outdoors 2 times this year. We would like to use iPads outside more.

2.  Gaming: We played Money with Leo, Snakes and Ladders, Be Creative (art games), Monster Physics (science games), SplashMath, …

The question we keep going back to is: What is the difference between completing activities using an app and playing a game?

How much time did you spend gaming? 10 minutes a week

3. Classes: We used the iPad the most in Science, Social Studies (iBooks), and Math.

4.  Email:  We didn’t use individual emails. We  shared one class email.

5.  Engagement: We loved using the following apps to be creative:

– creating art work using Phoetic
– creating an iBook using Book Creator
– reading on Raz-Kids
– Edublogs to share our learning
– making movies about our community using iMovie
– creating posters about our learning using Pic Collage

6.  Screen Time:

School:  1-1.5 hours

Home:  All students have some form of electronic device at home (iPad, iPod, computer, laptop, tablet, X-Box, PlayStation, Wii, etc)

No screen time – 1 student
30 minutes – 3 students
60 minutes – 1 students
90 minutes – 4 students
2 hours or more – 6 students

7. Personalization: 

– creating blog posts with pictures, text, and videos
– you never walk around with an iPad because you could drop it
– when you have a question you can ask your friends to help you
– using Google to find pictures and information
– only 1 pair of hands should be used on the iPad
– bring your work to life
– scanning QR codes

8.  Creation vs. Consumption: We spent almost all of our time creating content.

Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees

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