Year End Process of Transferring Blogs

Most teachers move the student blogs to the next year’s class blog at the start of the new school year once the class lists have been finalized.

Here is how you move the student blogs to the next year’s class blog:

  1. Go to My Class > Student blogs
  2. Select the Student blogs you want to remove from the class
  3. Choose Remove from Class from the drop down Choose Action menu.
  4. Click Apply

If you no longer want the students to use the blogs, and want to take their student blogs offline, then you use select “Delete Selected blogs” instead of “Remove from Class”.

Now get the students to log into their student blog dashboards and do the following:

  1. Go to My Class > Join a Class
  2. Search for the new class blog e.g. if the blog URL is they need to type the search term jennregi
  3. Click Request to Join

Once the student blogs are connected to the class blog you need to go to Appearance > Widgets, open up the Class blog widget and click Save to update the student blog list.

You’ll need to discuss guidelines for keeping student blogs, if a teacher isn’t overseeing the blogs, with your technology support team. Each school and district has different guidelines. Some allow parents to take over the overseeing of their child’s blog. If this is allow you just need to use the Remove from Class option. This removes the student blog from the class blog and allows the student to continue to use the blog as an admin user.

Hope this helped and please let us know if you need further assistance.


Sue Waters
Support Manager
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