8 End of Year Questions to Ask Students About iPads

I came across this article yesterday and it spoke to me on a few different levels. Not only are these great questions to ask our students, but I also found myself reflecting on my practice and the ways in which I integrate iPads into my classroom program. These questions also had me thinking about how we as a project group are using technology, and may provide us with some inquiry questions we could investigate as a group.


8 End of Year Questions to Ask Students About iPads

Leigh Cassell

2 thoughts on “8 End of Year Questions to Ask Students About iPads”

  1. As I read this, I automatically answered the questions, but I can’t stop wondering how different my student’s answers will be when I ask them about this tomorrow… especially the last two. I think I’m in for a few surprises! (personalization and creation vs consumption)


  2. My class discussed these questions and this is what we came up with.

    1. We usually used the iPads inside the school but we used them outside the classroom. For example, we used iMovie, we recorded ourselves playing our instruments, and took pictures for various projects.

    2. We played some math games and we also used “Heads Up” to play charades at free time such as indoor recess.

    3. We used the iPads in language the most. We used our Google Docs accounts for writing, we blogged, and we created various media projects. We used the iPads in math to explain our problem solving on “Explain Everything” and some math games.

    4. We did not use our school email accounts.

    5. We enjoyed writing and editing our work on Google Docs. Many students enjoyed using iMovie to create advertisements and presentations. “Pic Collage” was also popular.

    6. After our survey, we discovered that the students believe that they are on screens for about 3 1/2 hours per day at home and about 2 1/2 hours at school (including computers, the smart board, and iPads).

    7. The students have learned how to download games and apps and how to change the settings on the iPad. Students also mentioned that they learned about a particular topic that they had the chance to do an inquiry project about.

    8. Most students believe that they spent less time creating and more time consuming on the iPad.


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