Luna Moth

Luna moth 034Hi Busy Bees,

This is a male luna moth that we released last year. The female has feathery antennae too, but they aren’t quite as wide.  The male has bigger ones so that he can smell the pheromones released by the females – a km away!!!

I have to take a picture of the cocoon and eggs and will send those on, too.  As soon as the caterpillars arrive, I’ll send pictures.


Karin Davidson-Taylor, Education Officer
Royal Botanical Gardens
905-527-1158 ext 249 (Office); ext 526 (VC room)

One thought on “Luna Moth”

  1. Dear Karin,

    We think the moth looks like a flower. It is cool. We have some questions about moths.

    What does a moth eat?
    How far can a moth fly?
    Do moths migrate?
    How long do their wings grow?
    Do they have a proboscis like the butterfly? If so, how long is it?
    What are their predators?

    Thanks for sharing the luna moth with us!

    Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees


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