Ways of Using QR Codes in the Classroom

Excerpt form “BBC Active” on different uses of QR codes in the classroom.

As more and more teachers explore the potential of QR codes in teaching, a wide range of classroom applications have started to appear. Here is a list of inspired ideas:

A math teacher is adding QR codes to her printed worksheets to give students access to the solutions at home.

A modern foreign languages teacher uses QR codes to give access to GCSE listening papers. She prints them out on stickers and asks students to stick them into their planners for homework.

A head teacher has decided to put QR codes around the school for parents to access information about each department on information evenings.

A year 5 teacher encourages pupils’ enquiry skills by ‘posting’ QR clues around the classroom in the context of a research project on the daily life of British children during the Second World War.

A science teacher films all of her practical experiments. She uploads the videos to the school’s virtual learning environment. Each video is archived and displayed as a QR code on the wall of the science lab for reference by students and other teachers.

A librarian has developed an ingenious use for QR codes. He sticks a QR code on books that have been reviewed as a podcast by volunteer students. Once scanned, the code will take you directly to the podcast.

There are many other ways you can use QR codes in school. They enhance students’ learning experience and help promote the school to parents and visitors. As a classroom practitioner, they add another string to your professional bow.

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