Questions for May22nd

1. What features of the 121 program worked to make you and/or your students successful? (e.g., personal training, coaching, Toronto, working with other Phase 1 teachers)

2. What difficulties / barriers / missing pieces, made the 121 program more challenging to you and/or your students?

3. What next steps need to be in place to help you and your students continue to be successful next year? (e.g., training, professional learning)

4. What is your next step in using technology to improve the learning of your students?

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  1. Rick S. (please use this format)
    1. answer
    2. answer
    3. answer
    4. answer

    1. What features of the 121 program worked to make you and/or your students successful? (e.g., personal training, coaching, Toronto, working with other Phase 1 teachers)
    2. What difficulties / barriers / missing pieces, made the 121 program more challenging to you and/or your students?
    3. What next steps need to be in place to help you and your students continue to be successful next year? (e.g., training, professional learning)
    4. What is your next step in using technology to improve the learning of your students?


  2. 1. Personal training, coaching, working with other Phase 1 teachers, EA in my classroom, TRA in the school, Trainers from the LRC.
    2. Wifi was not consistent, amount of time I spent monitoring students who chose to be off task, amount of time spent making sure students completed tasks because they were not using their IPADs at home to complete schoolwork, the number of “glitches” we had to use class time for to straighten out.
    3.I am retiring in June. Clinton Public School intermediate teachers will need lots of coaching.
    4. I am retiring in June.


  3. 1. Working with other teachers and the personal training really helped to make this project successful for me and my students.

    2. The initial roll out and assigning of the Apple IDs seemed more difficult than it needed to be and was very frustrating for everyone involved. Not having access to my h drive has also been frustrating. I wish there was a way for the MacBooks to open all of the WordPerfect files that I have made over the years.

    3. I need more time to create and plan and share with other teachers.

    4. I want to learn how to create my own iBooks and Courses. I’d like to try flipped classes and digital portfolios.


  4. 1. Working with my colleagues at school and my dialogue with them on the fly (Jen and Sonya, you rock!). An open relationship with my students where we problem solve tech issues together. Asking myself “what if”, and using the voice recording features and video on Explain Everything to have students better demonstrate their thinking. Meeting at the LRC and talking with other 1 to 1 teachers and Darlene C.

    2. Lack of exemplars of student created work at the higher levels of the SAMR model. Finding time to talk in-depth with colleagues about what is happening in their schools and classrooms. Time for the teachers in our home schools to talk as well.

    3. Dialogue with colleagues to learn what they are doing to go beyond what could be done before the iPads to enhance student learning. Exemplars of how tech can change achievement of level 2/3 students. Access to Rick and tech help when needed.

    4. Having students model their problem solving live during the problem solving portion of the three part lesson. Opening up blogs for students to share their learning and to make learning more transparent to parents. Continue to explore ways to think outside of the box, to use video recordings and pictures as ways for students to better demonstrate their thinking.


  5. 1.Talking with other teachers in the program was most beneficial. Professional development at during PLC’s was also helpful as it showed up apps and features we may not have found on our own.

    2. Having to figure out everything on our own sometimes made things difficult. Going into the second year with many of the kinks out will be a better experience for all. Wifi was sometimes a problem. Some students struggle to use the iPads effectively and it can have a negative impact on them academically.

    3. Training is always good. Having time to create resources with the Macs using iAuthor would also be beneficial. Each classroom teacher having these resources would make it easier. Fixing issues with Air Server would also be great!

    4. What is your next step in using technology to improve the learning of your students?
    4. Using the device for inquiry learning is awesome and essential. Having students organizing their work in one place and having access to it and the teacher outside of school is key as well. Creating media to address all needs of the diverse learners in our classroom should also have a positive impact on all learners.


  6. 1.. Meeting with Rick on a regular basis, TRA at my school, my co-worker who is also involved in the project
    2. Inconsistent use of internet in my classroom, the transition from breaks to focusing on learning,
    3. Continuation of supports as needed, meeting with the grade 7 teacher to discuss and learn what they were doing in their room to see what I can adapt to make the transition smoother in to grade 8.
    4., Utilizing the trainers from the LRC, creating more units that use the Ipads and involves inquiry in the process


  7. 1. Working with Rick in a one to one session in the beginning helped me gain confidence and ideas of what would be good starting points. Time spent with other 121 teachers was interesting and helpful too.

    2. The big thing for me was time. I had grand plans to try everything that came our way, but decided to get really comfortable with a few key iPad tools and go from there.

    3. Next steps are to hit the ground running with Showbie, as well as taking the time to get comfortable with the MacBook and create resources for the students to use.

    4. Continue to listen to the ideas of others and continue to try new things to try to make the most of these great learning tools.


  8. 1. The ability to share with colleagues in my school and at training sessions was instrumental. Also having access to time with Rick when we were trying something new (and Darlene too!) The personal training and the knowledge shared about a few pertinent apps was essential. Being told to search out our own apps for what we want to do is too overwhelming. You need to have a starting point somewhere.
    2. Time is a major issue. Time wasted when wifi is down, time to share with colleagues is not plentiful enough.
    Having to switch back and forth between the Mac and PC for files is a huge hassle. Also, having to scan, save on the computer, save back to fc or somewhere to then upload onto iPad for students. Basically, I need to learn a bit more in fluidity and hopefully finding easier ways to share.
    3. Continued training and professional learning time needs to be given. Hopefully, we will still receive training time even though there will be a new group of learners. It would be nice to be released from the regular PLC program to work on this project as a PLC experience.
    4. Continue to learn together and to share information within a broader spectrum – nationally and internationally. In particular, I want my students to convince themselves and their parents that reading and writing has changed. They are not necessarily the prescriptive plan that is often thought. They need to think, write, record and present their learning in a variety of formats.


  9. 1. Support (technical, curriculum based, and moral!) from the other teachers at school and at 1-to-1 meetings. Receiving rapid replies from Rick. Patient and helpful students!

    2. Problems with apps not doing what I thought they could do. Unable to use some sites because of no flash drive. There was a lot of trial and error that we won’t face next year.

    3. Good PD for the secondary teachers so these students can continue on their amazing learning curve with these devices!

    4. As students use their iPads all day, every day, and I often use my computer, they sometimes know better than I do how to use the programs (sending documents on Explain Everything etc.). I need to spend more time using the apps/programs that they use, so I understand more of the potential of the iPad.


  10. 1. student’s enthusiasm, options to use different apps / programs to complete assignments, having constant technology at students fingertips

    2. Would like to have had more networking / sharing with colleagues, when apps updated they weren’t as effective, time to try / experiment with all the opportunities available

    3. Time to share with colleagues, classroom sharing ( seeing ‘things’ in action ), have this 1 to 1 program as our own special PLC time,

    4. Create lessons through ibooks / macbook ( as demonstrated in the April 4th workshop ), incorporate better parent communication, incorporate elearning program with the ipads


  11. 1. Student engagement and creativity has increased as the ability to offer a lot of choice in terms of how to complete assignments is now wider and easier. Having the world at students’ fingertips through tech has been amazing. No more waiting for lab time!

    2. Originally the pop up associated with the 1:1 apple i.d was a big problem for my class. Once that was resolved we were all good.

    3. Embedding and aligning this work with other PLC work and board initiatives.

    4. Continue to explore how to leverage thinking and learning through the tool. Not worried about building content. Would rather discuss how to make thinking visible in an authentic way.


  12. 1. Training and on site support helped to make this project successful. Also by demonstrating practical applications and optional use of how to integrate them into the classroom.
    2.Techinical difficulties involving student’s apple id’s not working or forgotten password or iPads that need repair. Dealing with the management of games/ ‘social’ distractions in class. Managing the organization of work flow.
    3. Show students how to keep work organized in different folders for each class/ subject. Show students which apps could be used for each class to keep notes and do class work. (i.e in math typing out numbers can be inefficient and time consuming.) Rules need to be in place and enforced for gaming or other distractions during class time
    4. Use of ‘teacher tool kit’ for anecdotal assessment and marks. Use of numbers spreadsheet to manage grades. Ensure organization of student work- demonstrate how to do this.


  13. 1. The best parts of the program was hearing from other teachers what works. I liked having Rick available to help us in the classroom to assist us with individual problems.
    2. The difficulties with the program was with the initial release. Not knowing what to do at first was overwhelming. Personally, some of my parents made it difficult, but we have managed to figure out ways to make it work. Having time to figure out the programs was difficult.
    3. I think we still need to communicate as teachers. Maybe a PLC together would be an alternative to a school PLC. I think the students are understanding how to use their iPads well, but we need more brainstorming and discussions to make us feel more comfortable.
    4. I want to use the technology in a more inquiry based learning environment. Having more in depth projects that make them analyze the data more is an are that I want to approach.


  14. 1. The coaching and support, especially from Rick, and being able to collaborate with the other teachers in the project has been VERY helpful. Also, Jeff’s availability to troubleshoot and calmly deal with my often frantic questions was very much appreciated.
    The initial roll-out was glitchy for some of my students (id’s not working, instructions maybe delivered too quickly for some to grasp and then teachers were left to sort out problems that we weren’t knowledgeable enough to handle properly…)

    Time to collaborate/plan with other teachers
    I really want to be able to create some units, work with ibooks and plan with colleagues


  15. 1. Just listening and talking with other colleagues about what worked and what didn’t. I like having Rick available to troubleshoot any problems, he was very helpful.
    2. Tech difficulties with Apple Id’s caused some anxiety and communicating what apps would work well and why in a Intermediate classroom would have been beneficial.
    3. Continue training and having release time to create and plan would be helpful.
    4. Creating units and flipped classrooms.


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