Apple Workshop in London (May 1)

Last Thursday I attended this workshop. I spent the day with about 100 other coaches from Southern Ontario. A lot of the morning was a repeat of other things we have seen from Apple. Don McNamee was the presenter, and did a great job, as usual.

We began with a review of the iPad, saw a few film clips I have seen before and had a discussion of the importune of pedagogy in all of our work. We then took a look at a few speciality apps.

The Pyramids – an app for making a 3D trip through ancient Egypt.

Human Body – an app that lets you explore 3D models of the human form (interactive)

Roma (Virtual History) – a 3D interactive model of ancient Rome.

Garage Band – showed how to link four i[pads and create a band

Explain Everything – the usual – BUT, learned that if you tap and hold the “slide 1 of 1” button, you can delete and change templates. Didn’t know that!

Spent some time looking at iBooks in the afternoon and then building one with “Book Creator”. The iBook part was interesting because we got to use an iBook, highlight, take notes, organize those notes and highlights and then make study cards.

At the end of the day we spent time looking at several ways to use the camera in the classroom. Most of which I have seen in your classrooms. Recording student work, videoing assessment data, experiments etc.

BUT, I did not know that you could use your headphones volume control to manipulate your music and even take pictures.

There it is.

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