Video Conferencing with Kids in Sweden

Yesterday we video conferenced with grade 4 kids living in Stockholm Sweden. Sweden is in Europe. We got to ask each other questions and talk about where we live. The sound wasn’t very good during our video conference because they are doing construction work at their school and they had to use Wi Fi. It was still good and we learned a lot. Since we are creating a non-fiction text about Communities Around the World, we are going to present our learning using headings and sentences.


The name of their school is Karsby International School in Sweden, Europe. We used Google images to find a picture of their school and we looked at their country.


In Sweden they have four seasons like we do in Canada. They have spring, summer, fall and winter. They told us Sweden is near the North Pole. When we looked at it on Google Earth we noticed it is further north than Ontario. It has the same latitude as our northern territories.


We looked at the landscape in Sweden using maps, Google Earth, and Google images. Sweden has a lot of mountains and they have cities like we do in Ontario.


The sports they like to play in Sweden are hockey, soccer, football, baseball and basketball. They play a lot of hockey like we do.


Some of the foods they eat in Germany are meatballs, pasta, rakor (swedish shrimp), cheese, fruits, vegetables, princess cake, and cinnamon buns (yum).

Animals and Pets

We learned that they have wild animals like bobcats, moose, deer, squirrels, ducks, sheep, frogs, and bunnies. They also have pets like cats and dogs.

Fun Facts

Kids in Sweden play Minecraft!!! Now we can add Sweden to our list of countries that play Minecraft.

We had fun learning about Sweden from our grade 4 friends. Here are a few videos from our video conference:

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