Video Conferencing with Kids in Germany

Last week we video conferenced with grade 8 kids living in Germany. They presented some information about Germany and answered our questions. We also had a chance to tell our friends in Germany about what it is like to live in Ontario Canada. Since we are creating a non-fiction text about Communities Around the World, we are going to present our learning using headings and sentences.


The name of their school is Schule Schmiedefield in Thuringia, Germany. We used Google images to find a picture of their school.


In Germany they have four seasons like we do in Canada. They have spring, summer, fall and winter. We think the picture of the school was taken in the fall because the leaves have changed colour just like they do in Ontario.


We looked at the landscape in Germany using maps, Google Earth, Google images, and the pictures our friends in Germany showed us. Germany is on the ocean, and they have mountains in Germany. There are also cities in Germany like we have cities in Ontario.


The sports they like to play in Germany are swimming, skating, snowboarding, walking and biking. They have a pool at their school so they get to go swimming every week. We wish there was a pool at Stephen Central.


We learned that the kids in Germany like to eat fast food like we do. They have McDonald’s in Germany. Some more traditional German foods are bratwurst (which is a sausage) and sauerkraut (pickled cabbage). Some of us have tried bratwurst sausages and sauerkraut before. Some of Mrs. Cassell’s family is from Germany and she loves these foods!

Animals and Pets

We learned that they have wild animals like deer, squirrels, and foxes in Germany. What we found really interesting is that almost every family has a pet dog or cat. Dogs are the most popular animals.

Fun Facts

Kids in Germany play Minecraft!!! We were so excited to learn that they know how to play this game. Every county we have talked to so far knows Minecraft. That is so cool!

We had fun learning about Germany from our grade 8 friends. Here are some videos from our video conferences:

Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees

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