Blogging and the Writing Process

I guess when I am on a roll for posting, I’m on a roll 🙂  So one more great tidbit of reflection.  We are writing narrative stories and I have been labeling the steps in the writing process to the students.  One of my “C” level students clearly pointed out to me that the writing process is very similar to the process we use to write our blogs.  The student said that we begin by writing our ideas down (DRAFT) and then we read our work again and make changes (REVISION).  This can happen numerous times (e.g., my last post had 5 revisions ~ when I shared this with my students, they thought that it was cool that our blogs tracked this) and these small changes help me get to my best work.  Then when I have no more changes that I want to make and it is my best work, I can post (PUBLISH).  I hadn’t really thought about it before…so maybe you haven’t thought of it either!  What a great, simple way to reinforce the idea in kid friendly language.

One thought on “Blogging and the Writing Process”

  1. My class has been working on this in oral language. It is amazing to watch how they do their ‘draft’ (a first recording), use critical thinking to ‘revise’ (a second recording) and then ‘publish’ (present to the class) I haven’t had them post audio to their blogs, but the difference between their first version and their final product is quite impressive. This technique has also worked well to prepare them to say lines in our spring concert.


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