Letter #2 from Sierra Leone

Dear Friends of ‘’STEPHEN CENTRAL PS Canada”

It was amazing seen your replied which really has started teaching us our differences. Mr. Kamara Print out your letter in colored which make it so bright, we all admire at your school building in the picture. Such building we never got here for a school, we will asked our parents to contribute little sum which we will used to Print many copies of your school building and show them at home so that they  see such wonderful building as a school. We thank you so much for your questions.

Digital Imaging is a subject which is teaching us about Picture taking, and photo journalism, we have a small pocket Camera which has been donated to us by one volunteer From England two years back who then introduced this subject in our school.  In Digital Imaging we are learning how to become a professional Photographer where we took
picture without writing anything about the picture, you will see the whole story in the picture, while photo journalism you took pictures and then you write a story about that picture.
We saw your pictures when we visited your blog the last time.

Who took those pictures for you?
Where you  learning how to take Picture at Stephen Central PS?

We love the name of your town “Ontario” we are now seeing that there are great  differences  in world as we learn from your letter that Ontario has four seasons. We wonder how you coup with the snow season when it so cold, as we understand sometimes ice fall down. Here we the place is cold we warm ourselves up by setting firewood in our houses in the most traditional way as we don’t used to such weather. Here the green plants, grasses, and big trees show their natural color during the raining Season which  last for six month, in the month of July and August, the rain is heavy than all the other months. Sometimes we stay indoors for a week or tow the whole street will become flood with rain, parents do stop their children not to move outside or even visit their neighboring friends. The rain caused heavy traffic for cars because Drivers are not seen their way through,stores and shops are sometimes closed lighting and thunder are sometimes Sparking from the skies which caused electrical appliances to be fused if it is on, Fishermen don’t go at sea even farmer don’t go to their farms in the month of September to October when the Rain season is about to end we enjoyed the brighter weather which shows the green mountains and clear beaches in our Village.
November to December is the combination month of no rain and less fearsome heat. The disadvantage towards the end of this period is the harmattan-the desert wind that picks up sand and dust as it comes over the Sahara-sending a haze into the skies in December and January, sometimes as late as March. The effect is less chocking than countries
near the desert, but you won’t see crystal blue skies. We Celebrate Christmas in different ways, sometimes we visit neighboring villages with our family, watching cultural dance, or attending concert. While the Christian go to church singing Christmas carol songs, children also sang songs of praise  with a mask, dancing door to door as people
give them money or sweets.We act Christmas concert in our school where our parents watching us acting, making Christmas party we bring and share food with our friends like a pick nick it full with fun and learning in the simplest way.
In April we celebrate Easter and Independent, we gain Our Independent is on the 27 April 1962 from the British. Easter normally comes before our Independent at Easter, we make kite and mount them up the air, we make outing at the beach playing with the sand and swimming at the shoe of the sea. People come from the city come with big buses celebrating Easter and Independent occupied our beaches playing music with aloud set most tourist making burn fair in the beach they come with their beach tents or canopy this occasion keep everyone in the festival mood.

Do you have independent holiday in Ontario?
How do you celebrate your Independent holiday?

In Sierra Leone we have many Animals we have domestic animals and non
domestic animals. We have Dogs, Cats, Goats, Sheep’s, Cows, Fowls,
Ducks, Pigeons, Rabbits, the non domestic animals are the ones that
live in the bush or zoo, Monkeys, Baboons, Snakes, Leopards,
Elephants,tigers,Deer’s, Gorillas, chimpanzees,

Cassava is a fibrous root plant, we used it leaves to prepare our delicious source which we normally called “Cassava leaves source” and it mostly prepared in most occasional in our country. It is more delicious when you prepared it with vegetable cooking oil cassava leaves is the chief source of every Sierra Leoneans. The root from the plant is the cassava itself which has many ways to process it; from the cassava we can process it to Garie, Foo Foo sometimes boil it depends to one choice. The process to transform the cassava Garie can be peel and grater, put it in a pillow case, squeeze properly dry it with oven temperature allowed it to white or gray color. Before packet it of put it a safe container. It very simple to eat, you can put it in a cup, mixed with sugar, mile and little just like cornflakes.

We live in house made of mud roof with bamboo leaves or palm front, cement block and roof house made of all over Zinck. Most of our houses didn’t have toilet bathroom or kitchen inside. Our kitchen is outside our toiled and bathroom is outside and we used pit toilet.

Thanks for collaborate with us
Students of “Gift to a Nation School”

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