New App: Tellagami

Hey everyone!

Just came across a new App, that is Free, that I think could be used in a variety of ways to meet our goals for the 4 C’s and a P. 

Tellagami allows you to create your own character and setting.  Your setting could be a photo from your camera roll.  Then you can record audio and add text.  After you record, it analyzes your recording and makes your character look like they are actually speaking your words.  You can then save your short 30 second video to your camera roll for sharing or using in other Apps like Explain Everything.

I just tested it a little bit, but it is a very user friendly app and easy to use. You could make a short video in a matter of minutes. Definitely worth the look.  Plus, its free!

If anyone is interested, one way I learn about new Apps is by following this page on facebook…  

He posts daily updates about new technology, so it is an easy way to gain some PD just by checking your news feed! 

One thought on “New App: Tellagami”

  1. Yes – this looks like a great app! I will be trying it for the first time with a school in Japan in May. I learned about it from my contact in Japan. She uses it as a safe way for her kids to collaborate with other students in schools in Japan. For this project our students will be exchanging information about their communities, asking and answering each others’ questions, and collaborating on an activity.

    Leigh Cassell


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