A Couple Interesting Apps

While I was at Mitchell last week, I think it was AJ Moses, was using an app called “iDoceo”. This is a teacher administration app ($6.99). This is a comprehensive package with a marks book, (divided by subject and semester), a reminder system, an anecdotal record, a picture-of-student class list, a personal calendar (can be sync’d across devices), a bulletin board (sharable), a schedule function, a student report creator, seating plan generator, all password protected, and all of this can be backed up to GoogleDrive or DropBox. I have it and think it is worth the $7. A September try for sure.

Puffin (free) is a search engine that allows you to play “flash” driven websites. So, those Math games will work if the kids search for and open them through Puffin.

For those of you that are working is Microsoft office, there are a series of apps that allow you to use your MS 360 account on your iPad. That subscription (if you don’t have one) is $69.00 per year. You can download the apps and use them in a “Read Only” format, until you activate or apply for a new subscription. In my mind, that is a pricey subscription for things you can get a lot cheaper in other places.

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