Letter from Sierra Leone

Last week we received a letter from friends in Sierra Leone. Here is what they wrote to us!

Dear Friends of Canada,

GTN1We are writing you this short note as the voice of our class we had had and see your blog page when Mr. Alusine Kamara our lovely Teacher took us to the internet cafe and view your sit. it is  nice and brilliant which makes us happy to learn and share with you People.

SIERRA LEONE Our country Sierra Leone is located in the west coast of Africa and it is the anthem of West Africa. Sierra Leone has a population of 5, 999, and 74.86. We have twelve local languages (tribes) English is our official language and krio is our mother tongue.  Sierra Leone  has tow capital Cities  the Largest City is called Freetown and it is located in the western part of the country while Bo is the second largest and it is located in the southern Part of our country. Freetown is more populated than Bo and many people like to visit or stay there. We have two seasons the Rain season and the Dry season. The rain season start from May and end October while the Dry season start from November and end April.

How is your country look like?

How many seasons do you have?

Are there any Tribe and what are your official languages?

Our community: The name of our community is Called Lakka. It is located around the Freetown Peninsula 10miles away from the Capital. There are hills, valley and Beaches in our community and it is also near the  Atlantic ocean. Our village naturally beauty with the green hills blue sky and the cool breeze from the Ocean . it is one of the places where mountains lie near the sea.

the People engage in Fishing, Farming, Petty trading, wood cutting, Stone Breaking etc.. In our homes we raise domestic animals like Cat, Dog, Goat, Sheep etc..

What is the name of your community and what are the work people live by?

Do you raise domestic animals, what are they?

Our School:

gtn3The Name of our school is Called “Gift to a Nation -Sierra Leone” (G.T.N.-SL) It is a charity School which is helping us the poor children in our community. It was founded By Mr. Alusine Kamara. Education is very expensive in our country but we thank God for “GTN-SL” which is given us the opportunity of learning.  Our school is the only school which is free and it is a small building that has one pallor which we divided in to three classes the building was rent for our schooling. We come to school without paying any fees. We are sixty in the whole school and there are 20 students in each class. The Subject we are doing is: English Language, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Basic Computer, and Physical health, Creative Art, Music and Digital Imaging.

What is the Name of your school?

Do you Pay School Fees?

What are the Subjects you are doing?

How do you school look like?

Our Food:

GTN2Our staple food is rice, but we have our local food like Cassava, foo foo, Sweet potatoes, yam, Garie etc, we also have fruits like Orange, Banana, Plantain, Paw Paw, Mango, Pine Apple, etc

What are your Staple food, and local food?

Do you grow fruit, what are the types of fruit?

We hope you will enjoy reading this as we hope to share more you all


Pupils of ‘’Gift to a Nation-Sierra Leone’’. 

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