Digital Citizenship – websites

Some of my students are still struggling with being responsible digital citizens when using technology socially or when unsupervised. I came across these websites and thought I would share .

Kidsmart:  I thought had some interesting information and activities for building digital citizenship. Check out the “Net Nasties”. I love the idea of illustrating the “nasties” that they might come into contact with online.

Real Life Online: This site is for junior students and includes lesson plans and short videos about digital citizenship. It is by OPHEA.



3 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship – websites”

  1. I find that this becomes an issue when I am out of the room and a supply teacher is present. Some junior students struggle with responsibility and self-regulation when their classroom teacher is absent, but the risk of inappropriate technology use makes is difficult to plan for a supply teacher. It is unreasonable to expect all occasional teachers to have the same knowledge of technology of the students in my classroom. Maybe I’ll review some of these prior to when I know I’ll be absent.


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