Evaluating Online Content as a Research Skill

I read an interesting article on the Powerful Learning Practice (PLP) blog about how to infuse digital literacy through the curriculum. The topics the article addresses are:

  • Evaluating Online Content as a Research Skill
  • Engaging Online is a Modern Communication Skill
  • Students Need to Create
  • Digital Literacy: An Everyday Dimension of Learning

What I found most interesting, aside from the fact that our project is also addressing the needs represented by the topics listed in this article, was the visual provided to help us teach our students how to evaluate online content. The CRAAP method of evaluating websites requires students to evaluate a source based on its Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. I will be introducing my students to this visual in the coming weeks. 



What visual or tool do you use to help your students evaluate the websites they visit as they research a topic or search for information?

Leigh Cassell

2 thoughts on “Evaluating Online Content as a Research Skill”

  1. This is an important lesson for students. Usually we spend some time looking at the URLs and looking at what each part of it means. I will see if I can post the resource I use. I like the idea of a checklist or visual. I think the acronym of this checklist would get my student’s attention. 🙂


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