Accessibility Workshop for SERTs April 2 (am)

Don McNamee came in to Seaforth today to talk about accessibility with the SERTs. Here are the notes I took during the presentation.

Using the camera in terms of capturing assessment. Use the volume rocker switch to take a photo; hold it to take multiple photos.

Tap and hold the square target on the screen to lock auto lock and auto focus. Tap again to release the lock. The lock helps to make the iPad into a quicker document camera – he also recommended that the kids make a lego holder to keep the iPad at a consistent height above the documents.

Change the exposure level by touching the screen while focusing on an object with the camera. If you touch a light or dark area the exposure will adjust accordingly.

Three different kinds of photos you can take. Standard, square photos, video. Tap and swipe to move between those options on the camera screen.

All photos and videos go to “Camera Roll”. Can be accessed directly from camera roll. Bottom corner of the screen. Erasing from the Camera roll – erase the photos from albums.

In “Photos” you can manage the photos. Reviewed editing of photos. Adding filters, enhancing, rotation, red-eye removal and crop.

We did a 3 minute activity in which we took three photos, went to home photo screen, tapped + in top left corner, created a new album. Selected photos, tapped done and made new album of photos.

Important Fact: How to back up photos? Use iCloud, turn on photo stream. Stream is in the Cloud and all photos will go to all of your devices as well. Can also use DropBox, Google Drive etc…

iCloud will only back up photos, not video.

Backing Up the Device

You can only use iCloud if you have a personal device that does not have a Board ID attached to the device.

iCloud is a service that stores information and manages the data for you.

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