Video Conferencing with Kids in Africa

photo 5This week we video conferenced with kids living in Kenya, Africa. It was awesome! We got to ask them questions and they asked us questions. We learned all kinds of things about what it is like to live and go to school in Africa. We made some notes about what we learned:

1. The kids are 8-10 years old and they go to Cheery School in Nairobi, Kenya. They learn English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Music, Physical Education, Religion, and Swahili. Swahili is their native language.

2.  The weather in Nairobi is hot. It is between 17°C and 28°C. During our video conference it was rainy and sunny. We told them the weather here in Ontario can be hot too. Some days it is 30°C, but it can also be really cold. Some days it’s -30°C. We showed the kids all of the winter clothes we need to put on to go outside. They were very surprised.

3.  Some of the animals that live in Nairobi are lions, tigers, cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, elephants, and rhinos. We don’t have any of these animals living here in Ontario.

4.  Some of the foods they eat in Nairobi are spaghetti, chicken, pizza, sausage, peas, vegetables, fruit, rice, and water. The kids were very interested in the food we showed them in our lunches. They said they had never seen packaged food before. They wanted to know all about our juice boxes.

5.  The sports the kids play in school are skipping, soccer (which they call football), rugby, taekwondo, tag, basketball, and baseball. We play similar sports here in Ontario.

6.  We learned to say some words in Swahili:

  • mama is “mom”
  • baba is “dad”
  • kucheza is “play”
  • simba is “lion”  When the kids told us how to say lion we recognized the word from the movie the Lion King. The Lion King’s name is Simba. Now we know Simba means lion.

These are some of the video clips we filmed during our video conference:

2 thoughts on “Video Conferencing with Kids in Africa”

  1. Hi Everyone!
    This is awesome! It seems like you all learned a lot about kids in Kenya. What was something you all found to be either, the most surprising or most interesting while talking to kids in Kenya? I think my favourite part was when the kids in Kenya sang their song!
    Miss you all!


  2. Hi Krysta,
    How are you?
    One of our favourite parts was when the kids sang at the end too! We also liked they have lots of different animals there like giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, and zebras.

    When are you coming to visit us again?

    Your Friends,
    Mrs. Cassell and the Busy Bees


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