Turning the Corner

Originally posted: March 24/14

I have been spending a lot of my thinking on how the 121 project has changed over the March Break. Before the break, I was spending a lot of effort on getting apps and hardware into classrooms. The goal was to create a system by which teachers could manage the iPads and student work. This goal (in a general way) has been reached. Teachers have started using the tech as a fundamental tool in how they run their classrooms.

However, I am seeing a corner being turned. The question now is not how to manage student work, but how to help students create more “advanced” products. Products that reflect higher order thinking, 4C’s and a P, and the more exclusive and direct use of iPad tech.

With this shift in mind, the upcoming training will be partly focused on how to move student tasks through the SAMR model and develop richer tasks that better support student learning. (April 4th)

If you have student task samples that you would like to share, please bring them along. If you have other ideas for the training, please post them here.

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