Mitchell Deploys iPads

Originally posted: Jan.22/14

Today was our first, and biggest, deployment of IPads. Six classes received iPads. I am still a little hoarse.

I thought it might be useful to give those of you deploying on Thursday and Friday a bit of a heads up. Here are some tips and/or observations:

1. Have the kids access their google ed account before we arrive. When this wasn’t done we had a lot of trouble getting them connected with their Apple ID.

2. I start out with about a 20 minute talk about the use guideline. Very captivating.

3. Next Jeff Reaburn and Diana Doctor do the heavy lifting by going though some of the more technical aspects. Specifically, pass codes, and Apple ID for the Grade 8’s. That was especially time consuming.

4. The kids were all very excited and yet attentive. I would expect things to be fast and furious for the remainder of the day.

5. I hope you don’t mind me posting this Michelle (but here I go). Michelle had great success with Eclicker. She paid for and downloaded the presenter app $15, and her kids downloaded the free audience app. She made the questions, the devices just magically found each other and she created a forum for quick and easy assessment of understanding. Nice.

We are off to Seaforth and Clinton tomorrow, then Friday Huron Centennial and Hullett in the afternoon. Look forward to seeing everyone.



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