February 20th

Originally posted: Feb.20/14

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to update you on where we are as a group.

Everyone has the activation code for eClicker presenter. Many of you are using this app regularly to do a quick assessment of the class.

Showbie is also taking off in a few places. Teachers are starting to make the paperless classroom work.

A few of you have been testing Nearpod. This has been mostly finding online content and using it to build around the content of previously taught units.

Airserver is up and running on 3 MacBooks, and a few PC’s. The adapters (mini-port to VGA) are on their way in the schools that have ordered them.

I will provide Smart Notebook activation codes FOR MAC, next week, once I get them from IT.

The training for Feb 28th is set. I think the lst training was very successful, in that you guys seemed to be getting what you asked for. This time, with the same goal in mind, we are going to try a 3-part math lesson using iPads. This would include eClicker, Explain Everything, Showbie and Evernote. The more input we get from you,the more useful these trainings can be.

Next week, I hope to be coming to your school with your tech trainer. Together, we hope to provide a more complete experience where we can help you, TRAs, and other staff with tech questions regarding ipad use in the classroom. Cheryl (tech trainer for Clinton PS) and I have been invited to a staff meeting at Clinton to provide the staff with some help integrating ipad tech (especially file management) across the school community. I would be happy to provide that service where it is requested.

Lastly, someone took me up on my offer to work together on building a Math unit, using iPads as the main tool. This will be a great opportunity to showcase the power of the tech and the real power of team teaching. Thanks Sarah.

All the best, and post a blog already,


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