Originally posted: Feb.27/14

This app was mailed out to everyone. I thought some more detail and some potential uses would be useful.

BaiBoard is designed to help facilitate collaboration. A number of participants (we tested with 7) are able to synchronize their iPads, so that everyone in the group can see what everyone else is contributing and make contributions of their own.

Collaborators can be side by side or in entirely different locations. They can send text and voice notes to one another. They can add media from multiple locations (camera, files, internet, pre-made graphic within the app etc….).

Some potential uses could include: teacher conferencing with a small group, small group collaborative project, partner math, small group or partner collaborative math problem solving, homework support group, a structured planning meeting, partner note taking, student communication in class, partnering without moving desks or chairs, teacher provides immediate written instructions to specific groups of students, substitutes for Smartboard, and whatever the kids come up with next…..

Let me know if you want more support with using this app.

PS – I have been partnering with our Tech Trainers as I visit schools. This has been very helpful, as we can support a broader range of needs when working together.

It would be helpful for teachers to let us know, in advance, when they are available (preps, after school, before school) so that we can make our visits more useful.

Also, at Clinton, the school has arranged for Cheryl Rader (Tech Trainer) and I to attend a staff meeting and support the entire staff in using tools like iPads, cloud servers etc. let us know if that would be helpful at your school.

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