A New Look

I have made some significant changes to the 121 teachers blog. The theme has been changed as well as the actual address of the blog. (that had to be done) I have also decided to open the blog to more comments. Many of the users now have full rights to post comments directly to the main forum (What fun!)

Another change has been the focus of the blog for me. I would be happy to see other people blogging and discussing the issues of the day – but I know that takes time, that a lot of people don’t have. So, a friend of mine suggested that I just keep the blog as a record of my own experiences in the program. Good idea. So, here we go.

As I have mentioned previously, my thinking has really turned from the iPad to the teaching strategies we apply with them. I have had two great meetings with Aideen Moss (MOE). She has introduced me to “The Adolescent Literacy Guide” – found online at LiteracyGAINS.

The focus here is student learning goals. This is a good launching pad for our work with students and to begin this (most recent) journey to build our capacities as teachers.

As part of my work on the TAC I have been asked to put together a model of SAMR and 4Cs and a P, and build in some practical applications for teachers. Not easy. But, I am hoping to bring the first draft to out training on April 4th.


Rick – TTC

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