Student Success and Bumping Up Student Writing

I wanted to share a piece of writing that one of my students completed today about Rainbow Looms that in all honesty..for a grade 2, blew me away!  At the beginning of the year, this student used to ask me how many sentences he had to complete for writing.  I am really excited because he is using the writing forms taught in class in an authentic way in his blog posts.  Looking at the attached post…I have proof that writing for a purpose and with an intended audience where a student knows that people will be reading his/her work and will be receiving comments truly does motivate and engage some of our students.

I am also using these posts for providing descriptive feedback to students.  My comment to this student celebrates his success and builds on this student’s individual writing goals.  I am also finding that this direct feedback is very helpful to the students.  I also find it interesting that they are wanting to share the same types of feedback to their peers (e.g., I overheard a student tell another student last week that they should reread their posts before they publish to make sure all the words make sense)…what amazing conversation pieces!

One thought on “Student Success and Bumping Up Student Writing”

  1. Cole’s blog looks great! I’ve found that a simple comment, just one or two meaningful sentences is all they need to stay motivated. One thing I struggle with staying ahead of is trying to stay ahead of their replies to my comments and each others comments. For example, if another student asks Cole a question in a comment, and he continues the conversation by replying to that comment…. how will the other kid know when to check the response?


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