The 6 Skills for Researching Online Information

Once again, I found these amazing informative graphics on the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning website. As we move towards an inquiry based model for teaching and learning, and we focus more on the research process, the “why” and “how” of the research process becomes ever so important.

information skills

The original article was published on the ICT for Teaching and Learning in Falkirk Primary Schools Blog. You can read the full article here.

Leigh Cassell
Grade 2
Stephen Central PS, AMDSB
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One thought on “The 6 Skills for Researching Online Information”

  1. I really like the 6 skills for researching online poster. I would use it to start a mini-lesson on how to research online and get the kids thinking about their thinking. I think this would also improve our classroom management in the class when encouraging the students to research online independently…

    thanks for the share!


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