K-12 Continuums Featuring 4C’s and a P

I came across this Google site last night and thought it was definitely worth sharing as it relates to our work with 4C’s and a P. Tech Media hosts a series of K-12 continuums based on performance indicators (ISTE Standards) to support teachers as they integrate technology into their classroom programs, with a focus on 4C’s and a P.  Tech Media was created by the Rye District School Board, NY, and is based on the technology standards set by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). To learn more about the ISTE Standards (formerly known as NETS) click here.

The mission of the Rye City School District is to ensure that every student is capable of becoming a life-long learner who can thrive in a global environment as a self-reliant and socially responsible citizen. Does this sound familiar? After reading through the Rye City District website it was obvious to me that our districts not only have a lot in common in terms of our mission and vision, but our focus areas of 4C’s and a P are the same. Below are the links to the continuum’s  I mentioned above. Each continuum lists the performance indicator (expectation?), learning goals, and concrete examples of the technology and ways it can be integrated into your classroom program.

In addition to the continuums, there are also K-5 lessons on Internet Safety. Within these lessons are links to supporting documents, resources, websites, videos, etc to support your teaching of internet safety in your classoom.

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