2 thoughts on “Text to voice app”

  1. We are just using the iPads to read text as needed. If you go into Settings, General, Accessibility, and then turn Speak Selection “ON”. When a student needs a selection of text read, all s/he has to do is touch the text and highlight the selection to be read. A menu appears above the text with the option to “Copy” or “Speak”. If the student chooses “speak” the selection of text s/he highlighted will be read out loud.
    Hope this helps!



  2. The speak selection accessibility option Leigh posted is very helpful. I would try this first. If you have a student who requires all materials read to them and want an app that has a few more features or one to read books with, I would recommend Voice Dream. There is a free version available to try. I have tried a few reading apps and prefer this one. I can bring in a variety of file formats including pdf, doc, rtf, and google docs. You can also easily access books from Gutenburg Library, itunes, and bookshare by choosing the + button. It also links easily with google drive and dropbox. This is how I load word and PDF format books from the Ministry of Education AERO site. The app highlights the words and/or sentences as it reads. There are also readability options such as zoom, background colours etc. This app reads doc, pdf, google doc file, rtf, and brings in large internet sites. For students who need long pieces of text read to them or books, this app provides continuous reading that does not require them to select the text first. There are also a variety of voices and speech rate options. The students I work with find the app very user friendly.


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