Good-Bye Krista!

Yesterday we said good-bye to our friend and learning buddy Krista Clarke. Krista was a co-op student from SHDHS who has been working with us since the beginning of the year. She helped us with all of our learning in every subject, and she was very helpful when we used the iPads. We will miss her very much! Hopefully she comes back to visit us soon.

Here are some pictures from our party:







2 thoughts on “Good-Bye Krista!”

  1. Yes Good Bye Krista. On behalf of the entire staff at Stephens, thank you for everything you’ve done for our kids. They will miss you.

    Mr. B.


  2. Hi Busy Bees and Mrs. Cassell
    I would like to thank you for the party you threw me last week! The cards you made me looked awesome. It was a blast working with all of you busy bees! I miss you all and I hope to come for a visit very soon!


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