ePals and Geoboard App

Hey everyone!

I posted two new blogs tonight with an update about Grade 1!  Thought I would quickly share on here what we have been up to since the Holiday Break!

1. http://edublog.amdsb.ca/bross/2014/01/20/epals-collaboration-1-whats-in-your-lunch/

We have began a new project in Grade 1 using the FREE website, ePals.  You login and create a profile and then can easily connect with classrooms from around the world.  Better yet, you can jump into projects coordinated by an ePals facilitator. Each week our facilitator posts the discussion question for us to discuss.

Our first week was about what was in our Lunches.  My students created Pic Collages with labels to share with our ePals through our Blogs.   This upcoming week they are to give a virtual tour of our schools, which I will be able to connect to Grade 1 Mapping.   At the end of the 4 weeks, we will gather all the information we learned about our ePals and see what we have learned.  Below is one example of a Lunch Pic Collage but check out our Blog link above to see more! 🙂


2. http://edublog.amdsb.ca/bross/2014/01/20/ipads-and-2d-geometry/

I downloaded the FREE app “Geoboard”.  After some discovery time with the app, we created different shapes and learned how to take screen shots.   They then used our 2D Geometry Anchor Charts to label their screen shots in Pic Collage and post them to their Blogs.  They love the Geoboard App to create and share geometric shapes with their peers.  Check out the blog post to read more about the activity.


Next, I am going to have the students create a geometric design either using Geoboard or our bucket of shapes.  Then they are going to take a picture of their design and use Explain Everything to describe it using mathematical language on our anchor charts.  When we are finished, I will share what they come up with.

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